Big Pimple


A big pimple can be one of the worst conditions to have. They tend to show up out of nowhere and often at the wrong time. For those who may be dealing with the uncomfortable thought of this unsightly condition, there are a few ways you can reduce the pain and suffering and finally give yourself the opportunity to get rid of the pimple. Pimple, also known as acne, can sprout quickly, but the sooner you attack it, the better the treatment will be and the more effective it can work.

Tips for Getting Rid of It

Big Pimple

If you have a larger sized big pimple, this indicates an infection or inflammation under the skin. It can occur for many reasons, but mainly it is because of the presence of bacteria in your pores. The larger the big pimple, the more painful they can be because more nerve endings are involved. There are a few things to get rid of that big pimple so you do not have to deal with it in public.

1. Avoid popping it. By popping it, you allow the pus, which is filled with bacteria, to spread across the face. This could create an additional pimple for you rather than slow the progression.

2. A good solution is to use an anti acne cream or product on the area as directed by the manufacturer. This type of product can help to control the inflammation and reduces the redness. Many products available are highly effective like this.

3. Do cleanse the skin. One of the ways you can reduce the appearance of the big pimple is simply to cleanse the skin properly. Remove the excessive oils from the skin as well as any debris locked in the pores. By doing so, you remove much of what is keeping the bacteria alive.

4. To reduce redness, a common side effect of this condition, consider using an aloe lotion on the area. This natural soother can help to reduce the inflammation you feel. It creates a soothing feeling without contributing more to the problem of oil production.

5. Do exfoliate the skin gently. You do not want to break open the big pimple since this will lead to pain and discomfort. It will also create a larger, open sore. When that happens, you will find yourself with a redder and even larger problem to deal with on your skin.

That big pimple may in fact be painful. If it is, you may want to consider over the counter treatments that can help to reduce the pain. You do not want to add any type of oil-based product to the skin or scrub the pimple vigorously. This could spread the condition and making it significantly worse. You can tackle the big pimple and get rid of the condition fast by acting quickly. The bigger it gets, the more inflamed it will get. That will only worsen the condition and push off healing even longer.

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