Lip Pimple

What’s Going On?

A lip pimple can be one of the most unexplained and overwhelming occurrences. How did you get a pimple in this location? It is not the most common area for a pimple to occur. The reason for that is that the skin on the lip area is significantly different from that of the rest of the body. For most people, oil production here is low. This is also not an area with many dead skin cells. What is present on the lip area is bacteria and, in some cases, there is enough of it to cause inflammation of the skin which leads to the development of a pimple. In all cases, it is unpleasant.

Lip Pimple

Simple Treatment

In some situations, you may be able to get rid of the lip pimple with a bit of tender loving care. Because of the sensitive location, you do not want to break open the pimple here. You also do not want to keep licking the area to moisten your lip. This simply will irritate the skin more, causing a larger pimple and a higher occurrence of chapping. In some cases, a small pimple can become an open sore with too much prodding.

Rather, use a bit of warm water and a mild soap to wash the area well, without getting the soap in your mouth. Use a soft, cotton washcloth to do this. You can use an astringent to help to cleanse the area. You may or may not need to bandage it, depending on if the sore has broken open. If not, allow the air to help it to dry out. You may wish to add a bit of antibiotic treatment to the area if the area has broken open and become a sore.

Other Options

It is possible to use over the counter pimple treatment in this area. Choose a product recommended for a lip pimple, though. You will need to keep the medication out of the mouth to ensure it does not have any adverse affects on you. Various pimple products can help to get rid of that ugly looking pimple.

Prevention Is Possible

If you have had a limp pimple in the past and don’t want to deal with it again, take a few preventative steps to help you to avoid the onslaught. The following tips can help you to do that.

1- Use a mild cleanser on your skin each day to remove any and all oil build up. Use it on the  lip area as well, being careful not to ingest it.

2- Do use an exfoliating product at least once a day. It should not be harsh and should be used only properly. This will help to remove any excess dead skin cells that could be causing the build up to occur.

3- Keep your hormones under control. Those who are most likely to develop a lip pimple are those who suffer from hormone imbalances. If you have severe acne, on other areas of the lip, discuss the condition with your doctor.

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