Pimple on Lip


What Made It Happen?

If you have a pimple on the lip skin area this can cause you a lot of embarrassment. On top of that, they can be very painful. Some people may try to cover it up with the use of lipsticks or other things. Many times doing this will make it worse and could even lead to bumps or inflammation. You need to deal with this problem and not simply try to cover it up. If you are having this happen, it is because the ideal bacterial conditions were there and the pimple started to form. In order to prevent it from happening you need to know what the causes are and how to prevent them.

Pimple on Lip

How to Get Rid of It

Your lip area is very sensitive. You can have a pimple or cold sore that may develop here. However, each one of these problems has a different cause. If you have a cold sore it looks red and inflamed and as if you have just removed a scab from the area. If you are dealing with a pimple it will simply be a red spot that has a raised pus dot and is localized. A pimple is far easier to deal with and less worrisome than if you have a cold sore.

In many cases, pimple on the lip skin area is acne. This happens because there is an overproduction of oils in the skin. There is also an abundance of dead skin cells in the area. With the combination of these two things that it can lead to pores that are clogged. If they become clogged there could be bacteria trapped inside. This will feed in the pore with the moisture from the oils and the dead skin cells. Your immune system will work to clear the pore. This is when you will be faced with a pimple and pus.

When dealing with a pimple on the lip skin area, you do need to remember a few things.

1. You should avoid popping them. This will release the bacteria onto your skin and can lead to a scar and another pimple if you do not clean the area quickly and thoroughly.

2. When you treat them, you need to use a product that is designed for lips or at least a facial pimple. You do not want to ingest any of this product as it can have very adverse effects on you.

3. By improving the way that you wash and clean that area, you can reduce and possibly eliminate the pimple. Make sure to use products that will remove all makeup and anything else that you may put on your lip. Make sure to keep them dry and to use a exfoliating lip balm so you can get rid of any dead skin cells in the area.

Taking care of the bacteria by washing the lip pimple will help to keep this problem under control. You do not want to break open the pimple or squeeze out the pus. You need to let your body’s immune system do the work and to provide help with over the counter treatments to cure lip pimple. Using these things together you can get rid of the problem and prevent new ones from occurring.

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